Monday, June 14, 2010

Seafood & Lies

Since I've had all this wonderful free time I've been endulging in consuming good food (fortunately and unfortunately for me). My current absolute fave seafoods are ahi tuna, salmon sashimi and seared scallops. The other day I tried my hand at attempting to cook a seafood dinner for the first time. It consisted of prawns, halibut, scallops, risotto and roast veggies. Although I thought this had been okay for a beginner having dinner at my cousin's the next day defintely made my own taste like craap! haha

My cousin made cucumber shrimp salad, poached sole w lemon, seared scallops in truffle oil, spinach mushroom & cream cheese stuffed chicken with roasted potatoes and charred peppers ... And omg it was pretty freaking amazing! (she'll start cooking at Chambar in a few weeks --look out for her there)
This past weekend I've had a seafood marathon. Friday, calamari with a twist (as in an asian inspired twist as it tasted somewhat like ginger and soy sauce esque) and escargot (which really isn't seafood but I wanted to mention it because I did try it for the first time!) at the Keg. Saturday I had grilled Salmon and Prawn (rather shrimp) which I thought was too over cooked at Pasta Polo. And Sunday at Akari I tried for the first time Salmon Carpaccio (which really was seared Salmon sashimi) with orange miso drizzled all over, okonomiyaki (a japanese pancake that included an assortment of hidden 'seafood'), Ikura (Salmon Roe which tasted like they encased fish oil in little bubble containers), a Kamikazi roll (spice tuna roll, asparagus .... ummm thats all I remembered) and a Paradise roll topped which was a california roll with mango and salmon on top.
I enjoyed (for the most part) all these and a lots of laughs with good friends. My good friends I would say are genuine and honest people. They are the kind that won't hide or mask their emotions, for which, around me are always happy (ha). There are those however who tell lies for the sake of getting what they want, despite what the effects are on other people. Once you discover the lies that people tell it's really quite difficult to trust or believe anything they say.
Telling lies is like a giant invisible vortex that drowns you from seeing the truth. It envelopes you in it's mantle so as to choke out anything decent that may come from within. They lose their credibility and genuineness as a human being. Its like eating an meatless and slimy Ikura.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Anger frustration - It eats you up and sometimes makes you say or do things you later regret.

 Lately I've had the pleasure of experiencing unnecessary drama. The item on top of my 'pissed of because' list is how I was screwed over by a massive corporation. I guess Fido has decided to balance their sheets by either randomly mischarging their loyal customers or down grading their employees' pay that results in workers not giving a shit to who they charge for what. Either way it's their name on it and no matter who they point the finger to internally it's still all under the 'Fido' umbrella. And then they had the balls to ask me if I wanted to add another number to my account or refer a friend ... What the eff!
Okay so I guess now that I'm done my ranting I will talk about the amazing experience I had dining at Jean George's Market at the Shang ri la. At a decent price of $30 a person for a three course meal, it is definitely a must for all you fooodies! For starters I had carmelized scallops with yummy sauce(names forgotten due to yummyness), my main was an arctic char with mash potatoes n sugar peas and rhubarb strawberry crisp for desert (which I couldn't bring myself to finish cause despite what would seem to be meager portions, I was stuffed.
 The next day I decided to try BBQ Saba (mackerel) at my local favorite Japanese resto Sushi shelter 101 it was fairly tasty the only thing I didn't like were the fish bones :( I also tried their california roll with smoked salmon pretty basic but they made it seem so nice and fancy. PROPS! (hahaha I've always wanted to say that).

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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Out with the old and in with the new. New things are nice, new experiences are also nice (depending on the experience) but for the most part I am a fan of the new and random different things. Lately or the last few days I have been experiencing new things: 1) Filet Mignon, I'm not a fan of meat or steak but holy craaap that was amazing specially with the blue cheese and garlic it was served with at the KEG, 2) Lobster - believe it or not I usually don't opt for lobster because well I've felt that it was too extravagant for me (ie. at Boracay while my cousins & brother inhaled massive lobsters I opted for fish and shrimp) 3) Lychee Martini @ the Keg ... absolutely faantastic 4) trying to make red dragons 5) 560 with a good bunch of friends. 6) Shitty pizza at Megabite after 7) having to wait in line at Aubar with one of my HOTTEST friends .. I don't even understand how they told her to wait in line...

ANYWAYS, I'm trying to connect these experiences with something profound, something that has to do with how new experiences are fun and make you forget about old times that sucked. Something that has to do with the fact that while I constantly try and forget to get over shitty things they always find a way to surge forward. I'm not a bitch, I don't think anyone could ever call me a bitch, I don't think I'm stuck up and I don't think that I'm a snob ... (I hope no one else thinks so) but when you decide that I'm not good enough to spend time with, as you display by your actions, or lack of, then I have no other choice but to, of course, stick up for myself. I am going to be mature, however, and skip the name calling or the blame pointing (lol I wanted it to rhyme) because when it comes down to it I don't really want this err negative aura your projecting. Have a fantastic day!