Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Anger frustration - It eats you up and sometimes makes you say or do things you later regret.

 Lately I've had the pleasure of experiencing unnecessary drama. The item on top of my 'pissed of because' list is how I was screwed over by a massive corporation. I guess Fido has decided to balance their sheets by either randomly mischarging their loyal customers or down grading their employees' pay that results in workers not giving a shit to who they charge for what. Either way it's their name on it and no matter who they point the finger to internally it's still all under the 'Fido' umbrella. And then they had the balls to ask me if I wanted to add another number to my account or refer a friend ... What the eff!
Okay so I guess now that I'm done my ranting I will talk about the amazing experience I had dining at Jean George's Market at the Shang ri la. At a decent price of $30 a person for a three course meal, it is definitely a must for all you fooodies! For starters I had carmelized scallops with yummy sauce(names forgotten due to yummyness), my main was an arctic char with mash potatoes n sugar peas and rhubarb strawberry crisp for desert (which I couldn't bring myself to finish cause despite what would seem to be meager portions, I was stuffed.
 The next day I decided to try BBQ Saba (mackerel) at my local favorite Japanese resto Sushi shelter 101 it was fairly tasty the only thing I didn't like were the fish bones :( I also tried their california roll with smoked salmon pretty basic but they made it seem so nice and fancy. PROPS! (hahaha I've always wanted to say that).

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