Monday, June 14, 2010

Seafood & Lies

Since I've had all this wonderful free time I've been endulging in consuming good food (fortunately and unfortunately for me). My current absolute fave seafoods are ahi tuna, salmon sashimi and seared scallops. The other day I tried my hand at attempting to cook a seafood dinner for the first time. It consisted of prawns, halibut, scallops, risotto and roast veggies. Although I thought this had been okay for a beginner having dinner at my cousin's the next day defintely made my own taste like craap! haha

My cousin made cucumber shrimp salad, poached sole w lemon, seared scallops in truffle oil, spinach mushroom & cream cheese stuffed chicken with roasted potatoes and charred peppers ... And omg it was pretty freaking amazing! (she'll start cooking at Chambar in a few weeks --look out for her there)
This past weekend I've had a seafood marathon. Friday, calamari with a twist (as in an asian inspired twist as it tasted somewhat like ginger and soy sauce esque) and escargot (which really isn't seafood but I wanted to mention it because I did try it for the first time!) at the Keg. Saturday I had grilled Salmon and Prawn (rather shrimp) which I thought was too over cooked at Pasta Polo. And Sunday at Akari I tried for the first time Salmon Carpaccio (which really was seared Salmon sashimi) with orange miso drizzled all over, okonomiyaki (a japanese pancake that included an assortment of hidden 'seafood'), Ikura (Salmon Roe which tasted like they encased fish oil in little bubble containers), a Kamikazi roll (spice tuna roll, asparagus .... ummm thats all I remembered) and a Paradise roll topped which was a california roll with mango and salmon on top.
I enjoyed (for the most part) all these and a lots of laughs with good friends. My good friends I would say are genuine and honest people. They are the kind that won't hide or mask their emotions, for which, around me are always happy (ha). There are those however who tell lies for the sake of getting what they want, despite what the effects are on other people. Once you discover the lies that people tell it's really quite difficult to trust or believe anything they say.
Telling lies is like a giant invisible vortex that drowns you from seeing the truth. It envelopes you in it's mantle so as to choke out anything decent that may come from within. They lose their credibility and genuineness as a human being. Its like eating an meatless and slimy Ikura.


  1. You've got to try the fish at Grub, it's delicious!

  2. haha I just saw this comment! I will definitely do that!