Monday, October 15, 2012


Everyone has expectations. Sometimes its just difficult to keep up with them especially when you are the one being expected to do something.

I've booked a three week 'vacation' in Manila primarily to attend my cousin's wedding. In the last week during and leading up to my vacation I feel like I have had to work more than relax. I absolutely love spending time and catching up with family but when the days are composed of having to see so many people primarily out of custom it begins to be frustrating. There are people I want to see but then there are those who I am forced to see. By forced I mean to say that they are imposed into the schedule. Maybe it's just because I am a brat that I am writing about this but I have yet to fully experience ... freedom. I've felt confined to so many expectations that I can say getting lost at the Mall of Asia yesterday was probably the most freedom I've had in a while (which I of course killed a good portion of my trip budget).

Anyways, enough with the whining. Last Sunday, I went to Red Box Karaoke at Greenbelt 3 with the cousins on my dad's side. Prior to this my sister and I stumbled upon happy hour at Dillinger's Steak & Brew right beside it where we had these twinkie sized mozzarella sticks! It was definitely massive and cheesy --- we washed it down with shots of grey goose (yes that is as gross as it sounds).

On Monday my travel pack (siblings, brother's girlfriend and I) went through the Mall of Asia. We decided to gather our strengths prior to the excursion and have lunch at Burgoo. Maybe it's the restaurants we choose to go to but the salads are far from appetizing. I had a shrimp caesar salad. I guess that was my own fault though as I was never really into caesar salads but I was starving and ate it anyway. For dinner - after our 6 hour shopping expedition - I had a shrimp congee (rice porridge) at Luk Yuen. It definitely brought memories from the previous trips I've had to the Philippines with my family.

As this blog finally comes together, I realize that I am a brat for complaining about seeing family. I almost feel disgusted that I can come from such a position where I can replace a family visit with the need to feel relaxed. All I have to do is look outside to be reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am to have family and be as well off. Is it not normal to have expectations of how a vacation should be?

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