Saturday, October 20, 2012

Josephine's at Tagaytay

My vacation is coming to its last leg meaning soon I will return to my reality which is work and taking care of several important things. The thought of returning to work in time for month end is definitely terrifying as I will most likely have to shackle myself to my desk. Then there are those tasks I have postponed before I left which I now regret! Enough of my public vent.

Yesterday my uncle and aunt took my bratpack including my cousin and nephew to Tagaytay. It's considered a beautiful provincial area not as populated as the city but is very much a tourist attraction due to its mountains and the Taal Volcano. We had lunch at Josephine's Restaurant where we ate clam soup, a vegetable dish called Pinakbet and steamed Tilapia. I thought the soup was good the vegetable dish was alright and the Tilapia I feel was a bit over cooked as it was not as moist as how my mom at home makes it (maybe I just miss home). The Pinakbet was alright, I avoided the bittermelon, but supposedly there was no meat (which I was not looking for).

This restaurant was very much a tourist hot spot as it had very high ceilings with glass windows from the floor up which showcased a picturesque view of the Taal volcano. Service was decent there were several waiters running around everywhere but I thought it was really funny though how none of the waiters knew the correct WIFI code ... maybe they just didn't want to give it to us. The restaurant was already decorated in Christmas decor since the Philippines start Holiday celebrations once September hits! They even made/served a typical Filipino Christmas treat called Putoboomboom (I spelled that phonetically) right onsite -- I thought this was neat. It's made of sticky rice with coconut shavings and brown sugar. They also had an onsite ice cream street vendor right at the entrance of the restaurant (my sister bought one and was not stricken with food poisoning).

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