Sunday, July 4, 2010


It seems now adays with the black white grey and all the colors in-between that some definitions vary. While this is the case for most things, the whole not having a set and specific definition, I'm pretty sure there is one definite underlying quality or word to define the word 'friend'. Friends for me are supposed to be dependable, trustworthy and caring. I have a fair bit of 'friends' on facebook and maybe even in real life I call them 'friends' but are they really a 'friend'?

Lately with my sudden free time I've been given unlimited time to think about where I am in life, people I know and my real friends. Friends take the time out of their day or week to keep in contact with you no matter how busy they are. A mere 'hey, I'm busy this week we'll hang out next week', although quite short, what I see in this message is care. It is enough for me to see that they took the time out of their day to consider me, that they wanted to hang out with me, contact me. I'm not needy. I don't need to be showered with constant attention, I can get along fine being independent and wandering about on my own. But if I am supposed to call you a friend you need to be one.

Friendships have boundaries, mutual understandings. While some people construct these understandings amongst themselves, I prefer to keep my friendships platonic, by platonic I simply mean no overt flirting! Flirting is a definite no-no, I think. I mean, I guess some people are different but I know various friendships ruined by an overboard of flirting. I don't need to be smothered with affection either. And it is also a definite no-no to flirt/ give out your number to your friends ex. It simply is not done, for me anyway.

I thought I'd start this long blog with that since I haven't blogged it up in a while. My New York eating adventures will soon be posted! But lately I have been indulging in ... Vietnamese food. I don't think I can ever get truly tired of it. Yesterday my friend's mom made some really yummy lobster ravioli with tomato sauce, sooo good! I also made my return (finally) to Sango in Suter Brook and tried the Hawaiian Roll! Yummy spicy tuna roll with ahi tuna on top. Also tried Malaysian Orange Ginger chicken wings at the Wings on North Road after watching Knight & Day with some friends, it was a good time!

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