Friday, August 6, 2010

Decisions, decisions!

What are the reasons behind people's decisions? Decisions that in turn are translated into longterm action or momentary choices. I am in no position to dictate what is the right and wrong as I am not perfect in this decision making department. However, how is it that my decision affects so many people and while yes for the most part, I make them based on what I want (as most people do), my intention is never to cause pain or hurt.

Last weekend, I decided to celebrate my birthday via Caprice with table service. While my intentions were good (by good I mean lots of drinks for everyone), I didn't realize that a lot of people would be too drunk. By too drunk I mean, beyond rational judgement or even act beyond their memorable knowledge. Anyways, decisions exercised that night were fairly poor. A handful of individuals didn't show up some for good reason and others for stupid reasons (which I am still pretty annoyed about), some got wasted before they could even enjoy themselves (which I'm almost grateful for because I think about what more could have possibly happend that night and cringe while I bring out my sledge hammer) and some did stupid unreasonable things while saying things to pretty much ruin any friendship.

It's unfortunate all these decisions were made to lead to this nights' occurance. Could it have been avoided? Maybe? I don't know. All I know is that while it is unfortunate, it is necessary to be able to justify actions and decisions as a process of life. Maybe it was a sign to shake up the norm and force us to re-evaluate and change. Because as entertaining as some actions are, they are hurtful to others. And when those we are closest to get hurt it makes us want to find a way to make things better to avoid those things from happening again.

On a more positive note, my cousin is one of the best cooks ever! She made an amazing Heirloom Tomato and Buffalo Mozzerella Salad, Roasted Artichokes and for my birthday dinner made some yummy Roti with Chicken Curry!

Life is really what you make of it and those that matter, you make decisions for what's good for them and you because they ultimately should be your source of happiness like a yummy tomato and mozzerella salad.

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