Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or maybe I'm just sick of the rain we constantly get in Vancouver. Although, it is nice to have a nice little cool break from the humidity and heat. With this dreary bleak and gray weather, however, comes contemplation, more than usual anyway. I watched the Notebook last night with a group of girls in the back seat of a nice BMW Suv (I'm not very technologically savy otherwise I'd know what type it was and I'm not brand labeling I'm just not familiar with very many cars that can pull down their back seats and become a makeshift bed!)

Anyways, minus the cranky biznatcher in the car next to us, it was such a cute but sad and definitely depressing movie! Cute, since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were so freaking cute (and so was James Marsden) and old couples growing up together and being in love is cute. Sad because well, dying and finding love is a sad thing. Depressing because well frankly, where the hell do you find guys who love you enough to come read to you at your nursing home everyday because you have dementia =( OR find love that lasts for that long... =(

Well atleast I'm done my man hating, rather, progressing quite nicely out of that little rut.This past week, guys have all the sudden become a beacon of light like a refreshing mint mojito on a warm sunny day (... maybe depends on the guys I hang out with? possibly?)

Anyways, on monday one of my cousins got laid off
and we (my other cousin and I) decided to jetpack downtown. We headed to Carderos on Coal Harbour for nice relaxing drinks and appys, namely Fish Taco and BC Albacore Tuna (supposed to have been seared rare --but really I think they over cooked it). This was the first time I also had a shot of Patron! It is soo much smoother than regular tequila! I also had very many of their Mint on the Quay, so yummy! Then we sauntered over to Edgewater where the bartender made these yummy drinks that he claimed was his secret recipe-- they did include cranberry juice though! And after we had squandered most of our cash on hand, we bee-lined it to Coast Restaurant on Alberni since we craved their smoked salmon flatbread.

To my, mostly our, surprise my cousin's friend (one of the Chefs) decided to treat us to a nice four course meal including dessert! We started with oysters, which I had to try because he so graciously sent it over. Next came an assortment of sushi!! AND THEN the flat bread. It is THE BEST smoked salmon with arugula flat bread I've ever had in my entire life. And last was the crab cake, which I thought was also one of the top I've had as it was moist and fresh and yummy =) For dessert, I'm not quite sure I remember what it was after our two bottles of white, but I think it was banana bread-esque with a side of white chocolate for dipping! =) While, I understand these little things may not make up entirely for the shit done in the past, I thought it was a cute little gesture that signified a possibility of better things to come.

By the time our bill rolled around, my cousin was trashed (as I would have been if I had been laid off). I think it was the fact that her boyfriend picked her up with plastic bags and bottles of gatorade in his car that made my heart melt. These little gestures of sweeetness, or as Patti would say these acts of 'chivalry', caused the shift in my man-hating paradigm.

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