Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been thinking about the events of the past month (since moving into my cousin's apartment I've practically been living alone cause of her crazy work schedule and I stupidly watched a scary movie this past week and haven't been able to sleep since). In trying to rationalize and be optimistic (and after watching Spice World) , I have come to an understanding that women have become quite independent as it is the 21st century. Women do what they want, say what they want and feel what they want as much as guys do. And while yes there have been differences, I like to think and encourage the idea that women have as much power if not more than men in certain situations.

With my personal life experiences as well as those who are close to me, I have been, to be completely honest, man-hating. This is neither an empowering or beneficial outlook on life. For me, it comes with a negative aura. I have been undergoing a process of change and development. Although I previously thought that the events of the past month challenged the 'evolution' of my perspective, I think that it's simply a matter for reconsideration. I needed to think of the recent (within the last fifty years) rights and independence women have gained and even now still fight to gain. It's so easy to take our independence for granted, well for me anyway. I was born into a society in which I virtually was free to do anything I wanted, as long as it remained a norm within my culture.

Moving to Canada at such a young age, I observed the roles of women and men within my ethnicity and then within my current nationality. The Philippines, being colonized by the Spaniards and the Portuguese in its early years was enforced with norms of tradition, hierarchy and some form of Christianity (mostly Catholicism). After being 'rescued' by the Americans from occupation by the Japanese during the World War II, the Philippines seems a bit more liberated, however is still quite entrenched in gender roles and social norms and customs. Like most things in life, this can be good or bad, it's all a matter of being balanced.

While I'm proud of my culture and the customs that come with it, there are still some aspects that I don't agree with. The subjugation of women, is one. Canada seems so much more liberated and neutral as far as patriarchy, and while I know that we exist in a patriarchical government/society/everything, I personaly have to believe and WANT to believe that women deserve equal rights. And so I am going to now try and enforce this belief on everything and everyone.

Now you might think that I am rambling like a fool (which I kind of am) but this is just my rationalization for events that happend and will happen. Boys are boys and girls are girls (there is plenty of room for those in between) but for my hetero-perspective, I expect nothing from boys and understand that actions are a consentual and joint effort.

Girls make their own decisions and choices. Just as some girls may decide to hook up with boys that are not their boyfriends, boys will decide to hook up with as many girls they want. And frankly, they are old enough for them to decide to screw up their life (lol). I don't pass judgement as I would never want any judgement, not that I would do anything similar but you know what I mean. Its another story though when friends say hurtful things because after a while it gets to be too much.

Anyways, my independence lately has led me to eating out lots because I can't cook, well I can but it's different when you have to BUY the ingredients you need to cook. So, I've just been walking over to Montana's (their service can be nice but a rather lengthy wait) for their Chicken Fajita (one order is good for atleast four people--- someone should have told me this when I ordered it), Nagano for their... I forgot what the roll was called but it was yummy! it had tuna tataki and smoked salmon on top and chopped scallop and a prawn inside, and the Korean BBQ at Henderson for their Ramen (which was decent for a food court). I did go to my family friend's birthday, she served some BBQed meats and pea dishes which I think were from her home country Ghana.

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