Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I realized that the reason my mojitos have been quite dissatisfying is because their grocery stores don’t seem to carry lime or mint (aside from Vietnamese mint). Today, after spending about 1950P on eye cream by L’OCCITANE (a habit that I was encouraged to start early). I felt so completely shameful after we had encountered a child working on the street in the rain. He was selling cloths and while residents here are used to them, I was not. I felt completely miserable for them and started thinking how they got there, would the money even go to them or would it go to their “employer”? So many questions that I guess I asked to rationalize their existence on the street and their unfortunate situation. I just hoped that they had someone who loved them and an aspiration to make good of themselves.

I went home and celebrated one of my aunt’s birthday. We bought Thai green curry with duck, Chicken Satay and mango cake from Red Ribbon. I LOVED the curry it may have been a bit too sweet but it was still yummy. I’d have preferred it with chicken or even shrimp, only because I’m not a fan of duck. I also loved the sauce that came with the Chicken Satay. My aunt also had some Prawns with lemon butter sauce and Filipino Pancit.

While it seems that I have completely overlooked the poverty that exists within this country, it is only a means of my attempt to maintain a ‘vacation’ mode. And what can I really do to help? I’ll have to contemplate that.

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