Thursday, October 7, 2010

FAB - week two

Well I began the week with cute little pancakes made by my cousin. Then later on in the evening we went to a fairly nice gym in Quezon City called Arena Fitness. Yeah I know it’s super far (well with traffic it took us about an hour to get to), but the facilities included a sauna, a boxing class, hip hop dance class, an air-conditioned weights/fitness room, AAAAAAND it was free! So after I was finished busting my bum, it had been three months since my last decent work out, we went to Charlie’s Grill and Grind. I had a Roast Chicken with Shrooms burger. It was soooooo freaking good! It had a massive Portobello mushroom crusted in Panko. And I tried their San Miguel Light there also, it was okay but super carbonated (duh).

Tuesday wasn’t quite as eventful. I gave my Lola a manicure/pedicure then went to a nearby bazaar where I bought flip flops and a cardigan (how contradictory I know). Before this I tried Tequila Rose Ice cream which at first I thought was yummy but soon after turned gross (too creamy).

Wednesday I was able to visit my other Lola with my Titas. There I tried a hot bibingka (not sure what that is in English but its this soft bread like dough served on top of a banana leaf), Chicken empanada (similar to the Mexican empanada), a longan and some rambutan! They were all pretty okay.

In the evening my cousin and I went to World Trade Centre to watch her boyprend play with his band for the Fashion and Beauty conference. I was able to sample food from the food stands outside. I tried the corndog (didn’t like) and the squid balls (I’ve had better). It was quite a disappointment BUT I only spent about 68Pesos ($1.20 roughly) so no biggie! After we browsed through the stalls inside the conference we went to Cedars Grill in BF to smoke some Sheesha. Their hummus there was pretty yummy as it was run by Lebanese owners. I had one of the BEST beers there! Guilby’s Premium Strength with Green Tea Extract! … I had four =S AND since I was tipsy enough I tried the Chicken Isaw (I’m going to translate this in another blog since it still makes me sick that I ate it). So grosssssss!

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