Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mojito attempt #2

After having such a crazy day on Wednesday, I woke up yesterday morning feeling quite refreshed and thankful that no spiritual figures decided to grace me with their presence again, or that I was able to keep my eyes shut at all times. I woke up, spent time with my Lola and then proceeded to complete a Powerpoint slide show presentation for my aunt (I know, some vacation right?). But then she gave me these addictive rice crackers that I, along with my cousin consumed by the end of the day.

For lunch I had this pineapple chicken and radish stew and for dinner I went to Ziggurat. A Lonely Planet tourist destination restaurant with middle eastern influenced cuisine. They served all kinds of curry, rice, bread, skewers and you could smoke a shisha while being there. The interior was fun with rugs and floor pillows of all kinds. We sat on the floor upstairs (to our disadvantage since there was a tendency to forget about us with the large party downstairs). Anyways, we ordered the Lamb Mushroom Truffle Curry, Indian curry rice and chicken tikka with some Pakistani Roti. The only dish I really enjoyed was the rice and the chicken tikka. I’m not really a fan of lamb (which according to others is unfortunate) and the curry sauce tasted very different maybe it was the mushroom or the truffle but it didn’t taste very curry-esque. The Pakistani Roti was okay but quite dry. Maybe I’m just used to a different kind of roti? I don’t know.

After dinner we went to Ardi’s to watch my cousin’s boyfriend perform with his band. I was so impressed with their musical ability and over all sound! I ordered a mojito hoping that it would be the right kind but was disappointed. My search for the perfect mojito has just begun!

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