Tuesday, November 2, 2010


(this is way overdue)

(last last last) Saturday I went with my cousin to Salcedo Market. It’s like an open air market with different kinds of food cuisine. I was able to try an Indian Samosa but chicken, the Ilocos empanada and a chocolate filled Japanese pancake. Out of all those I only liked the Samosa. The pancake was decent, I think it was just too hot out for me to eat something that was fresh off the cooker. The Ilocos empanada I felt tasted like nothing and it was sooo deep-fried that I could only attempt to bite it twice.

Later that day we went to Don Henricos at Festival Mall and ate their Buffalo wings (ultimately I believe these were chicken legs cause they were massive). Their seafood pasta with pesto cream sauce and an Italian Pizza. All were pretty yummy!

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