Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The next day was such a crazy crazy day. I actually had to write about the events of that day (Wednesday, September 28) the following day because of how exhausting it really was. It started at 2:30 am when I woke up for some strange reason and saw a woman at the foot of my bed in the room I was staying at by myself in the backyard of my cousin’s house! Anyways, so I saw this woman and distinctly saw her face sharp distinguished nose fair skin, punching the wall. I know I was freaking out but stayed super still to avoid having her stare at me. After about a minute of rationalizing that I was probably dreaming (which I definitely wasn’t because I slapped myself), the woman disappeared and then I saw that the door was open. I thought this was strange and yes scary because I am pretty damn sure that I locked that door last night AND I am the only one with a key to this room. I tried to close my eyes and sleep but of course I was scared out of my mind. So there I was awake at 3am and I wasn’t being picked up until 7:30!

Finally, Jed picks me up and we begin our adventure via commute. First taking a tricycle (a batman & robin –esque mobile but not as cool) then by jeep. But with the traffic, the heat and the squished passengers, I couldn’t take it. By couldn’t take it I mean, after being on it for half an hour sweating and almost falling asleep, I told my cousin we should cab it. The cab was such a good idea since it was so much faster and air-conditioned plus we drove through the scenic route.

So after a total of a two and a half hour commute, we arrived at the Hospital where my aunt was undergoing a mastectomy. And to my horror, we (Jed and my other tita/aunt) were asked to come down to the operating floor where the surgeon brought out this mound of meat on a silver bowl. I didn’t fully realize what it was until he turned it over and I saw the pale skinned nipple. I’m pretty sure I almost passed out or vomited. And then he asked if we wanted to see the lump, to which my medically inclined cousin and aunt nodded and I just walked out of the room. It was quite a traumatizing experience, yet at the same time, when I think about the position that my aunt was in, I was sad and almost disgusted with my reaction. I had a good six hours to dwell with my thoughts since it took that long for her to undergo surgery and stay in the recovery room before being brought up to her room.

While I waited though I had the chance to try the Jollibee palabok for lunch and then grilled bangus (milkfish) for dinner. Both were pretty yummy and super cheap!

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