Saturday, September 18, 2010


Is anything in life really complicated? Or is the fact that we have analyze things down to the little details that cause us to feel that things are complicated? Am I making any sense? Maybe I'm being to vague, maybe I'm doing it on purpose or maybe I'm just rambling about nothing except something to ramble about. I think I have made my life seem complicated when really when I get down to the basics its not.

I sit here writing at the stupid time of 5AM on a lovely Saturday and think if i wasn't in love with sleeping, I would get up this early everyday. I've let the cold morning air hug my face and through the amazing windows at the apartment, I've just witnessed the sky transform from an dark navy to a periwinkle blue. No matter how dreary this weather may seem, I still love my own ability to feel it. I love the sky and how it seems unreachable. I love the cold and how it can be calming. I love the rain because it's refreshing.

And while I think these random thoughts and feel these random emotions, I know that there will be times when I will hate all of these. Am I a raving lunatic right now? Maybe. Or maybe I'm just brain dead from being frustrated about not being asleep! I swear I began this blog with an actual topic in mind...
Everything is basic. I'm not trying to impose that 'its black or its white' mentality. I just mean to say that life is basic. Everyday we live to survive. Whether through feeding ourselves or social networking, we all exist and make choices based on our need for survival. And no matter who we are and what stupid nasty things we have done, we (well most of us) are mentally capable of using our own reason to find means to keep 'trucking'.
I think its funny sometimes how different we all can be, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and the combination of all of those. But I appreciate difference. I appreciate differences in opinions, beliefs and personalities. And for the most part, I appreciate the different, the outcast and the loner (I read a book with this title in Grade 5 and people made fun of me =( ). There are those who through their outcast-ness have created amazing things like Bill Gates with Microsoft. ... I almost feel like I'm preaching. Maybe this is my Dad's genes coming through (he likes to preach--- err him and his siblings talk a lot).

Anyways, this past week I enjoyed Daing (Filipino term for Milkfish) and eggs at Kulinarya while my cousin tried their BBQ Chicken Skewers and Tofu & Pork with vinegar sauce. Located behind Coquitlam Centre, their food was a tad bit overpriced but when you factor in the scarcity of Filipino restaurants within the Tricities, it seems like a good business strategy. Except their service was ... horrible. I have gone there before and I've always been treated amazingly except last weekend the servers were not paying ANY attention. They forgot the coffee we ordered and then did not refill empty water glasses, they never came around and asked if wanted anything else until the place got busy which really was their way of handing us the bill.

Then several days later, I went with my cousin to Chada Thai which never really disappoints (except that one time I found a hair in my dip =S). Anyways, we had these Golden Crispy Shells (with minced chicken with sweet corns, carrots, and chestnuts) which was original in its presentation but it tasted ordinary. We also had medium Green Curry Chicken served with bell peppers, eggplants, and basil and it was sooo yummy. It was the right creamy, the right spicy and the right salty. And of course we had Pad Thai a MUST at Chada Thai. We had plenty left over for the next days lunch for sure.

Maybe I should just learn to cook , this way I can stop complaining and whining.

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