Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take off

So as I sit here and wait for my plane to board, I decided that instead of reading the plethora of material I have prepared (as well as have been graciously gifted with) I would write the beginnings of my South East Asian Adventure travel blog. Yes, this will probably be full of random ramblings (more than usual) since I have managed to stay awake for the past two days. Crazy? Maybe? But being the coward that I am, I have decided to spend my first sixteen hour solo flight sleeping instead of engaging in conversation with my fellow row-ers. On the off side that all the caffeine I’ve consumed will prevent me from sleeping at all, I have given myself the task of learning some Japanese (since I’m travelling via Japanese Airlines).

Anyways, this is supposed to be about food and how I can intertwine my adventure experience into it. WELL, upon entrance to the airport, I decided to try the Smoked Turkey on Caibatta from Starbucks. For a whopping $6.49 I was not impressed. I guess the bun was so big that it dried out the sandwich and I’m not really a fan of tomatoes so that was a fail. Okay well, the lady at the gate has just spoken some super fast Japanese that I am assuming meant that I am boarding soon (I completely missed the English version before hand). --- Will write back in Tokyo!

Alright well here I am, sitting at th

is gate a good three hours before the plane boards. I tried to take up time by adventurously purchasing a bowl of Japanese Ramen that I thought was fairly yummy and way too filling (but at 750Y I guess it has to). What it consisted of, I don’t really know besides some so

rt of ramen noodles, beef, corn and this other thing that I have a hard time trying to describe. It’s like mixing the texture of ginger and jello together …. I know that doesn’t sound appetizing at all (trust me I had to mentally prepare myself to eat it).

I didn’t get much sleep on the plane ride over, I think there was still some caffeine lingering in my system and by the time I hit the half way mark I realized that it would be better if I saved my sleep for when I got to Manila since it would be night. I did get to re-watch Disney’s Wall-E. I forgot how cute that movie was, I found myself getting super teary (fine I shed a several tears –could have been from exhaustion). I also watched Iron Man 2 and The Karate Kid. It was a fairly comfy flight since I was in the aisle and there was an empty seat beside me. The food though, I was not too impressed. For lunch? Dinner? I’m not sure what time zone I was in but I had this fish except it was deep fried and not so great. I did have some of this noodle thing that tasted like ebi sunomono without the ebi or the sunomono. I’m not sure how to explain that one. And then for the next meal I got half a ham sandwich with this super cute and super yummy little pickle!

Anyways, I’m pretty sure this blog is super long as it is. I wish time would go by faster! I want to get to Manila already!

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  1. hahah!! i want to know what this ebi sunomono-less ebi sunomono looks like!