Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Recently, I watched this cute heartwarming little animated sketch based on the real life of 70ish year old couple (http://vimeo.com/12562270) broadcasted by StoryCorps. It was so touching I thought I would write a blog about it as millions of others probably already have. Except now that I sit here and think of all the possible things I could be writing, I draw a blank. My mind although not empty is enveloped by the emotions and feelings I have within the depth of my heart (eff that sounds cheesy but its true). I feel like nothing I have to say or write can even express the feelings and emotions I have after reading/watching that. Sadness for the death that occured to such a loving couple, happiness knowing that a love so strong and people so amazing still exist in our modern individualistic world today and hope that there are thosands of other people wanting the same kind of values that this old couple encompased within their life together.

More importantly, this video along with thigns that I experienced this week has brought about the notion of value. Value as a measurement for people, relationships and life. I take people around me for granted sometimes. Living in an apartment by myself for the past month, I've missed my dog, my siblings and yes lol my parents for simply being around to keep me company or for a casual conversation. Sometimes I've taken forgranted my friendships and my family, knowing that they out of all people should be most understanding, I treat out of disregard at times. And life, we never seem to seriously comprehend how great it is until we are forced to see how limited and fragile it is.

Being so young I admit that I've been careless this summer. Careless with my time, my money and my friends. I look back now and see how stupid or foolish all my endeavors have been. And I recognize that while its necessary to think of your current necessities, its almost more important to consider your long term and future necessities.

Anyways, last friday my cousin decided to be the super amazing person she is and cook me and some friends a pretty freaking memorable dinner. There was a meat, cheese and crackers platter for appys. She cooked medium rare steak, truffle mashed potatoes with mushrooms and asparagus and she also baked a snapper filet with lemon pepper and various vegetables. And for desert, vanilla ice cream and fondue! .... I still feel really full thinking about all of it. But I learned how to make mash potatoes nice and creamy! And more importantly, I spent the night with my bestest friends in the entire world, definitely not a night to forget =)

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