Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I spent an entire four hours wandering inside and around the mall applying for retail jobs. I know you must think 'oh this girl has a degree, what's she doing getting retail jobs'? WELL, my plans to travel in the fall have led me to look for temporary/ contractual/seasonal jobs, most of which lie in the retail industry. I have, however, searched and applied (pitifully) for administrative or clerical or receptionist positions. And while I have been enjoying my time off by venturing and trying new foods (ie. went to Joey's last night LOVED their Ahi Tuna Salad!!), I am feeling the slight pinch in my pocket.

As the date to which my traveling will commence approaches, I'm almost starting to freak out and draw back from the random foodie excursions. Hence my limited blogging. I have, however, been a tad bit thrifty. By thrifty I mean, I smoked my own salmon at home and tagged along with my parents to dinner (hehe). Oh ... I sampled the chorizo breakie bowl from Ricki's and included a photo it was VERY yummy but VERY big. I'm pretty sure this can feed atleast two people.

This blog is unfortunately quite short again as I am enjoying the free time I have by hanging out with my awesome friends and doing everything non-productive! I have posted a variety of yummy pictures for your pleasure. Happy Eating =)

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