Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it salvegable?

A couple nights ago, after being supremely intoxicated, I randomly decided to make some pasta... and that is all I remembered thinking the morning after. To my unfortunate surprise, I found the stove with what seemed to be the worst pasta sauce I've ever made. After spending ten minutes trying to remember what I put into it, I left it on the stove hoping someone would find it redeemable. A couple days after I passed by my stove and looked at what seemed to be a sad pot of sauce, too salty, too peppered and still sitting on the stove =(. I felt guilty leaving it there and felt bad if it went to waste but I honestly did not know how to fix it or if it could be fixable. So I left yesterday morning ignored the pot and the sauce.

For lunch I randomly went to the Heritage Grill in New Westminster with my brother. It was cozy and really really close to being grungy. Their windows are pretty big and the space was fairly open, so I don't really want to place a grungy label on their establishment. I took a fancy to their original table tops and friendly service. It was also good sign that there was a fair amount of people eating there. I ordered their special of the day (cajun chicken on focaccia with a side of their house salad and carrot soup) which was savory enough. I thought it was decently priced at $10.99 being a pub/grill type. I liked their house dressing which seemed to taste citrusy and their carrot soup, which had a nice consistency to it, was yummy.

Much later on I decided to get my eyebrows threaded at this fancy new INEXPENSIVE place called Qua in Port Coquitlam (the lady who threaded me was suuuper nice). Anyways, I used this excuse to try out the new Mediterranean grill called Dinakis. I called my super awesome random dinner buddy and literally walked next door. It's so deceiving from the outside but the inside was preeeettty fancy. I mean, it is new, I guess I didn't have very much expectations. I was an immediate fan of their chicken souvlaki as it wasn't heavily seasoned and cooked until tender. And it was soo cute, they placed their greek salad in this cute cup like thing (see picture).

When I got home I saw the pot and started thinking. Like this pot of random mixed items, there are times when awesome friends are challenged and put on the burner. And at those times it's best to let things sit before pouring a crap load of other things into it.

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