Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Although the weather was so nice and warm a couple weeks back, I'm pretty sure mother nature is trying to let us know that it is in fact still spring in Vancouver. Or maybe she decided to play a clever little trick on us with that spout of warmth. Either way, I still consider it spring time and all you have to do is walk outside to realize that I am right.

Anyways, along with spring comes blooming flowers, bright cherry blossoms, an unpredictable amount of precipitation (which we should all really be used to by now) aaaand the constantly postponed room cleaning. I completed that these past weeks, yes it took so much time and it still isn't even at 100% of what I'd like it to look like. Years and years hoarding academic literature, notes, random pieces of clothing have been dumped and discarded. While the arrangement of my room is different and the look of it still somewhat the same in terms of color and furniture, the decluteration (ha, i'm making new words left, right and centre) of the space makes it feel like I'm starting fresh. By starting fresh, I refer to my life and everything within it.

Being jobless is technically not a good way to start (except I'm not really jobless, just wanting more hours--money) but it's still a beginning to something new. A new phase of my life that I would like to call ... what should I call it? .. I'm not a fan of labelling but I am. I will call this the post post secondary pre-career phase. I'm tempted to draw out a nice little bar and shade in a section before the middle but this blogspot host does not allow for graphics (unfortunately for you).

Back to spring cleaning and new life phase (etc), I feel as if I have new or different emotions, goals, maybe even a new personality? Maybe not new, maybe just a bit more pronounced? All this blabbing certainly isn't new, however, my ability to overlook and leave behind the disappointment, failed expectations and drama is a different feeling. Not that I've ever been one to be dramatic but I guess I did have expectations and I was disappointed and honestly, yes I was and am slightly hurt. But like the spring cleaning I've been doing in my room I've been learning more and more to let go and focus more on the better things in life: real friends, random adventures and yummy food =) (photos are of a cute tiny apple from Planet Organic and a surprisingly yummy thai chicken salad from the Foggy Dew)

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