Sunday, May 16, 2010

Individual Agency

With all the going out and spending money I seemed to have over look my own ability to cook something awesome (not that my cooking is awesome but I hardly know how to make ahi tuna or sashimi-- which I heard is more than just catching fish, skining it and gutting it out).

Everyone has the ability to cook something yummy, whether you require several lessons or you're naturally gifted may be another issue.

Over the last couple of days I've eaten some pretty dayum (lol) good home cooked dishes. Spinach artichoke dip from scratch, a yummy spicy tofu prawn and veggie broth by my cousin (which usually anything she makes tastes amazing --- she's selling high end baked goods btw).

Today my brother made ridiculously good BBQ ribs & pork chops Filipino style that he marinated overnight in his 'secret recipe".

And as I was putting together a super easy cucumber grape tomato and orange with balsamic vinigarette dressing (to go with the bbq ...Mmmmm) I realized that cooking and making relationships work are the same. You have to make a conscious choice and work hard into making them work. You have to do things that don't come naturally, you have to say things that usually are not said and most of all you have to keep trying because you want to, not because it's easy. No matter what happens it's your own individual choice/ decision as to how it turns out similar to how the quality of your cooking depends on how much you work at cultivating your cooking ability.

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