Saturday, May 22, 2010


Lately I've been going out and doing random activites or planning activities that I normally wouldn't do. Like going to Castle Fun Park or my random spurts to cook (quesadilla and strawberry cherry tomato almond green salad). Either way, there seems to be a thrill behind doing something for the first time or doing something out of the ordinary, for me anyways.

As I thought of the awesomeness that trying new things brings I also thought about inherent cheaters and how they, the bastards that they are, also derive thrill and pleasure from doing something (someone) out of the ordinary. It made me sick to even think that I had any similarity to these types of people. Yes, I understand the circumstances which may have lead to their initial act of cheating but good god get a grip! Sorry, I think I may just let this little rant make it to my awesome blog because it relates to my more-than-awesome friends.

I thought about all this as I ate my green papaya salad. I thought it tasted boring and ordinary. But as I ate I realized that it was missing the nuts! And thought maybe I felt bored with it cause I didn't fully appreciate how good it was but now that it was peanut less (picture has peanuts for yummy effects), it made such a difference! I'm not entirely sure what or how this comparison is being accomplished. I guess I'm just trying to rationalize because as much as I loathe cheaters, that is not entirely who they are. I do like to look on the brighter side of things, err lately I've been reminded to since strangely this brighter side is of mine is getting smaller.

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