Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Adventures

Sushi and Sheesha

Today I stopped by a cute and nicely decorated little sushi restaurant several blocks from where I live with my sister. It was a surprisingly good restaurant which I noted was Japanese owned, or atleast what I concluded after seeing how creatively they presented a simple roll of sushi or the yummy sashimi salad. The interior decor was also quite quaint with memorabilia from the cold war, hence their name Sushi Shelter 101.

Generously priced at $8.97 the Sashimi Salad came with ornately placed yam tempura with a gyoza, a fried fish of some kind (tasted like salmon) and miso soup.

The Sashimi Salad came with salmon, tuna and red snapper sashimi with lettuce and special dressing on top of rice. It was fairly filling, probably due to the rice, so by the time I munched on the side dishes I was already pretty stuffed.

Later on, I decided to have some friends over for some casual drinks with our newly purchased fire pit. It was pretty chill and laid back which made it all the more enjoyable with a random soccer ball decorated sheesha pipe that a friend brought over. It was while I was sitting in front of the fire when I realized that friends are like food. LOL. No, I don't mean to say that you eat them. But, it's not necessary to have so much. It actually sometimes hurts to have so many 'friends' as much as its harmful to eat too much food. It's more important to have a small number of good quality friends, just as it is far better to eat a small portion of good quality food over a massive plate of food that tastes like shit.