Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's so easy to hold a grudge, especially when you feel you've been wronged or that you deserve to be treated better.

Last Sunday I had the unfortunate experience of sampling some of my cousins amazing tarts and chocolate balls of heaven. I say unfortunate because I know the future destination of those baked goods will not form themselves nicely on my ass (ha). Mixed in these mounds of chocolate goodness was cakey substance with a shit load of chocolate made all my worries and stresses go away... momentarily. They were so freaking amazing that I had to try the tarts (all of which can be purchased and sampled for your own pleasure). And I knew that after I had tried all of them I had to make my return to the gym.

It was too nice out yesterday to seclude myself to a miserable elliptical where the aroma of freshly excreted liquid from man kind's epidermis lounged eagerly waiting for me. So a friend decided to randomly go biking instead. And despite nearly being killed by on coming traffic --- due to my own failure to master the 'shoulder checking' technique, I had my best first 10km bike ride through the heart of poco's suburbs!

Along with the beauty of nature, the people seemed genuinely friendly and the company was fun and awesome to converse with. Later on, I had lunch at one of my favourite Vietnamese Restaurants in the Tricities with one of my *real* good friends. Then we, err she, proceeded to memorizing Canadian history at her house in her back porch while it began to rain (I know long sentence). Despite the drabness of the idea of memorizing the dates to when this "village" formed itself or who "first" plundered through this vast land of resources, I had fun!

I went home later that night and realized that I have some AMAZING people around me. And it made me realize how I have been holding grudges , ones created due to broken expectations. While yummy bits of chocolate or green papaya salads may not erase the hurt or the disappointment, I realized that holding a grudge is actually easy to let go. Once you discover and focus on the beauty of everything that surrounds you which include people who spend time with you, it's easy to forget those who have wronged you.

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